Street lighting

Cost-effective and efficient lighting solutions for city streets

Street lighting solutions

LED street lighting is a reliable and cost-effective solution for street lighting in urban and residential areas. High-quality electronic components and an excellent component cooling system ensure a long service life.





Street lighting – not just for the safety of settlements

Street lighting has a clear impact on the safety of settlements and their inhabitants. It’s no secret that many unpleasant things happen during the darkest hours of the day: theft, traffic accidents, etc. Properly chosen street lighting not only helps to ensure the safety of settlements, but also adds to the attractiveness of an area.

Modern street lighting that saves energy

Ltd. ,,SID apšvietimas”, has experience since 2009. and has illuminated many of Lithuania’s city centres and old towns, offers cost-effective, efficient and time-tested solutions for street lighting and more. lighting solutions, including park lighting. For one of our main customers – municipalities – we offer energy-efficient and modern LED luminaires with LED modules. LED modules are installed in existing luminaires according to the requirements of each street luminaire retrofit and the light engineering calculations of the street lighting, replacing low-energy sodium and metal halide lamps.

Quality, aesthetic and easy-to-install street luminaires

Our street lights are high quality, attractively designed and easy to install. Ltd. ,,SID apšvietimas” assortment includes AQUILONE with exclusive shape, LAFOGLIA with compact design, VIRGO with universal use and other street luminaires, which can be perfectly applied in many spaces.

High-quality, reliable street lighting solutions

UAB ,,SID apšvietimas“ supplies certified, high-quality products that are rigorously inspected throughout the production process. We give our products 10 years. factory warranty and, in exceptional cases, an extension of up to 15 years. If needed, our in-house team of specialists with many years of experience will advise you on your concerns and help you choose the most suitable street lighting solution and its control system application.

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